Community Guidelines

The mission of Lernabit is to create an open, collaborative community of educators and learners. Please take the time to read and understand our community guidelines shown here.


We take copyrights very seriously, so do not post copyrighted or previously published content. This includes, but is not limited to, audio, text, and images.

Content Quality

People come to Lernabit for high quality educational content. In addition, a smaller amount of high quality content is better than a large amount of poor content. We will continue to provide features that will make the superior content easier to find, but it is best for everyone if these features are an added benefit rather than a necessity. For these reasons, please do not knowingly post content that is of low quality or that contains factual inaccuracies.

Respect Others

Lernabit was built with the vision of uniting people through education. We respect and encourage a wide range of differing viewpoints, but any form of bigotry, racism, sexism, or other hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated. This applies to all content, including audio, text, images, comments, and anything else posted on Lernabit.

Self Promotion

Content on Lernabit should be of an educational nature. Please don"t use it for self promotion, marketing, or other related purposes.

Forbidden Content

In addition to hateful speech as noted above, do not post anything that is pornographic or sexually explicit. This includes text, audio, images, and anything that might be posted on Lernabit.


Do not engage in anything that might be considered "spam". This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Posting links to irrelevant sites
  2. Posting affiliate marketing links or promoting affiliate content
  3. Linking to or promoting get rich quick schemes
  4. Creating multiple accounts to manipulate the system
  5. Using bots or scripts to access our systems
  6. Promoting services that offer to promote content or increase interactions on the site (Example, paying to leave comments or vote on content)

For a detailed explanation of how we handle spam, please visit the spam policies page.


Content that violates these guidelines might be edited, suspended, or removed. Repeat violations can result in suspension, banning, or deletion of your account. We reserve the right to take these actions without warning in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Updated July 19, 2016